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Live Epic, Look Epic

For the past couple months we have been hard at work on a number of endeavors, deep within the the walls of the Fortress. One project in particular, tasked us with a visual representation of the J!NX Brand, in all its glory.

We gathered the full strength of our brigade into the Great Hall for a meeting of the minds. As we began to ponder how this video might unfold, we knew, at a minimum, that it must include Wizards... " AND Dragons," Brolo was quick to chime in. As our ideas began to unfold, the scribes scurried to capture the amalgamation of ideas flying through the air. "WARRIOR PRINCESSES!" added the Oracle, as shouts of "ZOMBIES!" were heard from Leeloo. We scribbled and scratched, collaborated and considered until finally we felt a subject of substance had surfaced.

As our thoughts were gathered, the time to press onward was nigh. We called in Cobra, our favorite Director of Diligence and Dissemination, to help bring our story to life. With a quill in hand, and a pot of coffee by his side, Cobra wrote our story of wonder, our story of the magnanimous, our story of Beardo the White.

At the heart of the J!NX Brand is a true passion for games and geek culture. The conferences, the camaraderie, cosplay and creativity, the lifestyles of gamers and geeks are epic! Clothing is often considered an outward expression of the things you hold close at heart. Whether that entails a dice-filled night of D&D with friends, meeting up with guildies at BlizzCon, or dropping by your local comic book shop for The Walking Dead action figures... you want to look epic. So carry on living your epic lifestyle, and look epic too!

J!NX: Clothing for Gamers and Geeks


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