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Mysterious Bag of Cut & Sew Mystery

Bored? Naked and cold? Eager to impress the ladies? Look no further than the Mysterious Bag of Mystery! For one amazingly low price, get a randomly chosen Cut & Sew shirt and an even randomer piece of Cut & Sew outerwear of your selected size. This ends up being 60% to 75% off our regular prices.

Where can I get the Mysterious Bag of Cut & Sew Mystery?

Right here!

What can I get in the Mysterious Bag of Cut & Sew Mystery?

You'll get an awesome top among the following:

Would you like some pants with that?

Since you're getting some fancy new gear to cover up your torso area, why not nab something to armor up your legs? For a limited time, you can get a pair of Cargo Shorts for only $10, and/or Stonecutter Trousers for $15.