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Minecon Exclusive Creeper Vinyl

We're one week away from the first ever Minecon, and we couldn't be any more excited. Yes, we will be exhibiting there in perhaps the coolest booth we've ever had. You won't be able to miss it. Come by and you'll be able to pick up a bunch of the stuff you'd expect, as well as the official tees for the event, and some stuff that hasn't even been unveiled to the world yet.

As would be expected, everything we're bringing has 18 or more levels of kickassness, but perhaps having the highest level of kickassosity is the vinyl Creeper.

"What gives this thing such a tremendous amount of kickassitude?" you may ask. First off, this bad boy glows in the dark. It's due to the natural bioluminescence that we ensorcelled into it during creation.

It also comes with a nifty diamond cube. Don't go trying to break this with an iron pickaxe, or anything. The only drop you'll be left with is vinyl crumbles. That's cool if that's your thing, though. We're not judging.

It has one whole point of articulation. You can move this guy's head completely around, exorcist-style! It's a ball joint, so you can even get him into an ironic pose. "Why do people keep judging me for blowing up their nice everything? Oh, I want a pony."

Keep your eyes on our site, as we're going to be having a different version available online later this year. This GITD version will only be available at Minecon, though. We've limited availability to 500 pieces, so get to our booth early.

Still need reasons to be excited about Minecon? It'll be the official launch of the game! No more beta 1.XYZ for you, this is the real deal. I think someone mentioned something about there being a dragon.

Also, on Saturday night, deadmau5 will be performing at the "Into the Nether" party at XS The Nichtclub at Encore, open to all Minecon attendees.

There'll be a bunch of games and giveaways at Minecon, too. So you've got plenty of reasons to be excited. Of course, this is a disappointment to many of you, as Minecon has been sold out for weeks. Not to fear, IGN has stepped up to the plate, and will be providing exclusive video coverage of the event, so you can get in on all the fancy shenanigans.