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For the love of board games...

Every Wednesday night, tabletop gamers around San Diego descend on the J!NX Fortress to roll dice, manage resources, build empires and push little, wooden tokens around game boards. We call this analog evening of gaming the J!NX Festivalè (although the name changes frequently).

We've long been fans of board, card and dice games, ever since German-style board games began spreading out globally in the late 90's. In keeping with the J!NX tradition of mirroring our interests on the site, we decided to add our favorite games to the J!NX store. Now we get to play with board games during the day, too. Many of you are already on this Euro board game kick, but if you're not, here's a guide to get you started:

In talking about board games with both new and experienced players, I'm often asked to give the gist of a game. That common occurrence inspired me to create a video series called Board Game Basics. The goal was to cut straight to the chase, no long intro, easy on the details, just the general mechanics and some nice video of how it is played. You can find these videos linked on their product pages, or watch all of them on our YouTube channel.

This project represented something very special for me. As J!NX grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to make direct contributions to the creative process. It's been a long time since my days of designing all the shirts and banging out all the code. However, with the board game launch, I was able to once again work as a proper creative director, enabling me to exercise a creative outlet that I've sorely missed as of late.

I wanted the board game area of the J!NX site to feel like a warm, bustling tavern on a cold, winter's evening, a room lit with the orange glow of a lively hearth. Old friends and new sit around a sturdy table, worn with age, matching wits as they drain a tankard or two. We crafted this feeling by first bulding a medieval gaming table (above, complete with custom, iron table straps!), the centerpiece of the project, and then integrated this style into the videos, the photography and the website design.

I merely had a vision, it was the amazing people here that brought that vision to life that deserve 100% of the credit. I can honestly say that I wouldn't change a thing.

Please enjoy and I hope you find this hobby as absolutely immersive as I do,

Sean (aka Jinx)

If you want to know more about how the table was built, check out FuzzyC's blog post about it.