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Moar New Minecraft

Mining for treasures
When we came in this morning, there was a box outside of the J!NX Fortress. Once broken open, its contents sprung out in random directions and hovered above the ground. Arrayed before our eyes was a massive haul of Minecraft swag and tees recovered with pickaxe and shovel from the ground itself. J!NX has crafted a Diamond bracelet to adorn your wrist. We've got a Creeper wallet to carry around your gold blocks and a matching scarf to keep the subterranean chill away. We found a cache of new sticker packs in tribute to everyone's favorite ambling mobs and animals. Our Green Creeper Vinyl Toy is now joined by the new Pixelated Creeper Version. Sockas are now available to keep your toesies warm. Last but not least we have two new shirts to help you show your love of the 'craft wherever you may be mining.