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Dungeons & Dragons with Lifelong Friends.

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Still rollin' stong after all these years. (photo credit:Leeloo)

Dungeons and Dragons has long been near and dear to me. I can’t imagine what I would have done without two things in my life: Tabletop RPGs, and close friends. I have been lucky enough to remain very close with the same handful of guys I met in kindergarten, and to this day some of us still get to play D&D together.

He has been known to attack the darkness.

In the current campaign I run bi-weekly at the JINX fortress, Adam, or Daxam if you’re into aliases, plays Eddard Donald Dirk (pretty much any way you slice it he’s just Ed Dirk.) the young mage turned reluctant adventurer who is known to charm person his way out of a fight and quietly sing himself refrains of always the first to die when danger rears its head. This is always amusing for me personally because Adam had been playing wizards more often than anything else in my D&D campaigns for over a decade.

We even played during our 5th grade graduation ceremony.

Adam and I have been playing Tabletop RPGs together for something like 15 years now, which is more than half of our 25 year lifespans. We have delved countless dungeons, done all kinds of ill-advised space tomfoolery, and generally mucked up just about any genre possible. There was a time not too long ago when the group was larger, we used to be a party of 6 or 7, but people move and friends grow apart. One thing never does fade though, the memories of countless nights spent gaming till the sun rose. I have always loved a good story, and being able to look back over years filled with some of the most amusing and ridiculous stories that were the result of us telling them together, dice standing in for the fickle hand of fate, has no other comparison for me.

I am pretty sure this was my 11th birthday.

When we were kids we played the most ridiculous Monty Hall campaigns. Every hero was likely trudging around with so much loot that has we thought of things like physics and gravity specifically when we were in 5th grade, they’d have been crushed by the treasures and goodies. I do recall at one point there being such impossible things as a sword that extended to ten feet long, and a character being able to wield it. I remember the cocky plate mail wearing paladin’s face as he was informed that despite what he was so sure of, that ring of water breathing wasn’t going to help much as he sank to the bottom of a pit of magical cow’s milk. So I pass no judgment on whatever insanity you might get up to when the dice are busted out.

I will go into some more detail about the game we are playing these days in coming posts, but I thought it was important to shed some light on a subject that is sadly less and less understood by gamers in the younger generations. I love games like WoW and SwTOR. All of my old friends, Adam, and I were all first day players when WoW launched, and they have made it to almost every Blizzcon.

Roll to save Vs. creepy DM face. (photo credit:Leeloo)

That being said, there is something that cannot be replicated when a group of people sit down across a table from one another, dice arrayed out in various colors and quantities. There is a familiar smell to your old rulebooks as you pore over the pages. There is a certain power in the moment where everything quiets down and the players finally settle in, the dungeon master looks over his screen and says “ok, so when we last left off...”