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League of Legends Spring Line Photoshoot

Here at J!NX we love League of Legends. For some of us, it has engrossed our lives, robbed us of (admittedly unneeded) sleep cycles, and overthrown our dreamstates -- replacing them with visions of minions dancing on the wall above tri-brushand with only a sliver of life left.

For the League of Legends Spring Line we really wanted to do something special, to commemorate the existence of these products into the realm of man and woman kind. We called up some of our dear friends from both Riot and the LoL Community to join us in a photoshoot of fun and cheer. Here are some bonus round pics from the shoot:

This video of our Photoshoot represents a step back towards capturing our goings on here at the Fortress, and the shenanigans that ensue. Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out our new League of Legends Spring Line... bee tee dubz, my favorite shirt is Mundo, because he is beasting so hard in the jungle right now and his corporate skin is the awesomer.