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For Science
Greetings potential Aperture Science Test Subjects. If you would be so kind as to peruse the new offerings from J!NX while we process your applications we would be happy to provide refreshments afterward. Approved candidates need not worry about being contacted about their successful selection, you will know. The Test Subject Track Jacket is the official outerwear of the Aperture Science testing crew, and would look very smart should you ever find yourself outside of the enrichment center after your tenure as a test subject. Though the possibility of this is unlikely we at Aperture Science like to think positive. The Turret Hoodie is also a recommended unit of personal attire for anyone wanting to express their appreciation for the scientific perfection of Aperture Science Sentry Turret. Though previous wearers have attempted to disguise themselves with this hoodie, the superior tracking abilities of our Sentry units have shown this to be an unwise experiment for the subject.