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New Minecraft Outerwear

SSS... Boom
Creepers and diamonds and hoodies, oh my! Sure, you could just get any old fabric to keep yourself warm when the times get cold, but unless you like wandering about in a makeshift toga shouting strange things at passersby, you may consider getting yourself some proper outerwear. May we suggest one of our newly available for preorder custom Minecraft hoodies? Why, you could gallivant around your town, burg, or mott and bailey looking like the most stylish devotee of Minecraft around. If you're looking to get creepy, the full-face zip-up creeper hoodie has literally got you covered. If you're looking for the subtle but stylish route, check out the Diamond Hoodie, with its pocket embroidery, in-hood print, and color-coordinated detailing. Be sure to preorder yours today and receive $5 off the full purchase price. Our first shipment will be limited, so act now or you might have to wait for the next batch.