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Stop, Chop, and Roll

Voting Open on 'Slime' Tweakfest!

Vote on all of the Tweakfest submissions and earn 50 J!NX EXP!

It Slimed Me! Gooey, Oozy, Sticky, Icky, and all the other wonderful words to describe slime. Come and see how our faithful minions covered us in slime!

Rock the Vote!

Accepting Submissions: Safari Tweak!

In the jungles of the Amazon, the fields of Africa, or the clearance section of the comic book store. All are hunting grounds in one way or the other. The J!NX crew is on the hunt, but for what? It is up to you, faithful minions, to dive into your imagination to help us on our J!NX Safari!

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Winner Announced: Monsters Under the Bed Tweak!

Congratulations to Folji for using his epic art skills to masterfully depict Cthulu wearing a sock puppet.

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