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An Unexpected Journey

So Skydog comes to me the other day and says “You should write a blog entry about your story." I got really excited and went home to start writing it. I began to realize that much like Frodo, I too had a very long and arduous journey and if I continued to write I would end up with a thousand page trilogy myself.

I decided to give you the footnotes of my trilogy. Maybe one day I will publish the full works however, for now this will have to do.

Footnotes to Book One: A Kaybi is Born

I did not have nerdy friends growing up. The people I was closest to wanted to be part of the popular crowd, they wanted to try to be cool. Me? I just wanted to say “I love Star Trek" and not get ridiculed for it. I wanted to say things like “Wow your hair looks like Bantha fodder today" and have someone laugh. I wanted to talk at length with someone who also thought Saturn was a fascinating and beautiful planet. Alas I was alone, but thankfully not for long.

It was April of 2008 and I watched a web series that pointed me to J!NX to buy their apparel. After falling in love with the J!NX website I began to see that the more you participated the more clothes you could get for free. I am girl and a clothes collector. (I'm not a hoarder! I'm not, I'm not!) I posted a picture in the community page and got some Exp and Gold. I wanted more. I decided that I had to get creative with my photos to get the elusive “amazing" rating so I dusted off my Photoshop skills and took another pic. Voila'! Not only did I get an amazing rating, I got Skydog's pic of the week!

I continued this pattern and also threw my hand into the Tweakfest. I can honestly say that I have J!NX to thank for making my Photoshop skills what they are today. Here is an example of one of my first tweaks next to one of my more recent tweaks.

Footnotes to Book Two: Kaybi Takes an Epic Journey

I ended up going to Blizzcon (Warcraft addict for 4 years but I've been sober for months thanks to Diablo) I recognized some of the crew walking down the line and pointing at people. I know now that they were J!NX spotting, picking out all of the folks in line wearing their carefully crafted shirts. I walked over and introduced myself which as it turns out was unnecessary; they recognized me from my picture submissions. I guess, now that I think about it, a girl in bed with a skeleton can be memorable.

July of 2009 J!NX held a photo-shoot party out in La Jolla California. I got to meet some fellow minions and my nerd crush Alex Albrecht. The crew made me feel like family and the minions were like a group of friends I had known forever. It was truly one of the greatest nights of my life.

Over the course of the next few years I did more tweaks, more photos and more interactions with my fellow minions. There is a big group of us who use social media to connect all over the world like modern day pen pals. We have even met up with each other on multiple occasions all because we found a unique and wonderful haven called J!NX.

Last year I received a call asking if I would fly to San Diego to be in a new J!NX commercial. I didn't have any lines but I did get to kiss a wizard. I was enjoying life and had no idea what was about to happen in Book Three. (My mom is a librarian and she shuns those who read the last page of book first.)

Footnotes to Book Three: Kaybi Sails to the Undying Lands

2012 rolls around and there I was, sitting in a cubicle, filling out a report that could honestly pass for a TPS report, when I get a phone call. J!NX called and they wanted to hire me.

I am thinking to myself, wow, I got a free sticker pack when I reached level 11, I got a free key chain when I reached level 18, and I got a job when I hit level 50. DING! Gratz!

Oh yeah and I felt like this

I moved to San Diego where I now reside peacefully among the palm trees and instead of cubicles, I have action figures. Instead of business attire, I wear flip flops. Instead of monthly meetings where they would force me to create “Business Goals", I have bi-weekly game night where I sit and play Zombie Dice with the coolest people I know.

Heaven forbid you ever have a problem with your J!NX order but if you do give me a call. I have spent my working life helping customers in need and now I have the privilege to help the best customers in the world (you) for the best company in the world (J!NX).

Now, if I have my way the author of my life will find some way to give me a TARDIS because that is the only thing that could make 2012 cooler.




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