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FuzzyCthulhu Vs. Wild

How Fuzzy Died

Day 1: Now that I'm overloaded with the spoils of adventure, I start to think it's a good idea to return to base, though after a quick 360 I realize I have no clue which direction that would actually be. The sun is setting, and I don’t have any weapons. I decide to just dig a hole and wait it out.

Day 2: I dig out of my hiding place and set off in some direction. I'd never taken note of where the bases were in relation to the sun, so I'm hopelessly lost. I wander through overgrown jungle I am sure I never passed through before, which is a bad sign. I don't have endless supplies of food, and yet again the sun is starting to wane. I resolve to make an outpost and try to survive.

Day 3: I find a cave just as the sun sets and use cobblestone to block the entrance. Luckily I have plenty of torches and picks I think to myself. I might just make it home. Just in case I don't make it, at the entrance to the cave I leave a sign that reads:

All through the night I hollow out a space, find more coal, make a new workbench. Once everything it set up I start to dig.

Day 4: One might wonder how exactly digging was my plan to make it home. The answer is very simple, Redstone. If I could find Redstone, I could make a compass, I could make a map. All I had to do was survive this long enough to hit a cache of Redstone and I could limp back to base. Of course I was at the surface, and the object of my hunt was buried beneath countless layers of stone and earth. Dig, dig, dig.

Day 5: I'd made great progress as I dug winding downward steps, counting, and hoping to hit bedrock. Then, as I mined a stone block, a gigantic empty space was dimly visible through the gap. I excavated out the wall until I could see inside what appeared to be a mine. At first I thought I'd hit someone else's base, but as I looked around I saw a proliferation of spider webs and a lack of torches. Abandoned. I was mildly crestfallen, but still excited by my find. I walked along mine tracks cautiously, alternating between wielding my sword and lighting the way with torches. Waiting in the dark for me was a creeper, but he was no match for my trusty sword.

Day 6: It must have been at least a day, but who can tell down there, under the stone? I came to a large room at the center of the mine, the floor entirely made of dirt. There I began again to dig. Moaning. The moaning got louder and louder every moment. That ominous noise was warning of coming doom. I readied myself for whatever was on the other side of that wall. Ready for anything, I mined. The floor fell from underneath me fall out, and I was deposited in a room full of water and zombies. I frantically placed torches and backed into a defensible position in a corner and began fighting off the horde. After a three were slain, I saw it in the distance, the thing that would likely be my doom. A monster spawner that was pumping out zombies as fast as I could slay them. The fight started to look bleak when something amazing happened. A creeper appeared. This is the only time I have ever been happy to hear that sound, but the creeper was my savior. He strode into the huge pack of zombies, activated, and obliterated all of them. Once the smoke cleared, I saw I was the only one left. I was badly injured, but refused to give up. I sprinted to the monster spawner and deactivated it before more shuffling undead appeared.

Day 7: Battered and badly beaten, I rested on the mossy stones of the dungeon. I ate the last of my provisions to regain my strength. After my ordeals, my motivation was stronger than ever to survive. I looked downward at the creeping moss on that stony floor and thought only one thing. Dig. I mined and mined until I removed a block and saw lava. That meant I was finally where I needed to be. Sure enough, I began to see bedrock. I'd finally arrived at the very bottom of the world itself, seeking a way back home. As I began to branch out, there was nothing. I was running low on wood for torches, things were not looking good.

Day 8: Redstone. I'd hit Redstone. I've never been as happy to see Diamonds as I was to see that glowing red block. I'd braved some of the worst trials possible, and at long last found what I sought. I quickly placed a crafting table, and using the iron ingots and paper in my pack I build both a compass and map. Everything had turned around for me. I was going to make it out of here. With all my tools in tow, I began to climb out of the tunnel. I climbed back through the dungeon where the zombies almost won. I climbed back through the mine that was not a friend's base. I was home free.

Day 9: Except I wasn't free. There always is something you hadn't accounted for when you least expect it. As I was exiting the mine, I took one misstep. Sadly it was my last. I fell for what seemed like forever. I fell so far that when I began to fall the glow from that lava wasn't even visible.

So brave adventurer, if you're out wandering, and you take a left at the Jungle, you might find a cave with a sign where the entrance is blocked off by cobblestone. That sign will read:

In case I don't
make it back alive,
know that I tried.

and you will know the truth of the matter. I didn't, and I did.