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0x10c Shirts! Minecraft Youth Hoodies! Exclamation Points!

Mo-stuff from Mojang
For those who don't know Notch (but really, at this point, who doesn't?), he's the man behind Minecraft, and the founder of Mojang, his Sweden-based game company. To much speculation and interest Notch as begun to release details about his ambitious current project 0x10c, which he hopes will give players the same level of control and direct involvement that Minecraft offered, but on an amazingly broad scale. Though in early development, 0x10c has generated quite a bit of buzz from those interested to see what Notch will do next. We're happy to offer the first run of shirts for 0x10c, including a limited edition "Pre-Alpha Logo" shirt, based on the original logo released.

While we're on a Mojang roll, we're also now selling youth versions of both our Creeper and Diamond Premium Zip-up Hoodies so young 'crafters can get in on looking well-equipped too. HOODIES?!