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Rammus Plush is Rad

I don't find myself getting excited about plush toys all that often. Really I'd wonder what was going on if I did. That being said, this Rammus plush is pretty cool. Obviously you're out there, in the ether, and not here to play with it in person, and that's a bummer for you. This thing is solid, and feel really well constructed. Sometimes the fabric or the filling of a plush toy can be disappointing, bit neither are on Rammus.

It's a big Plush too, if you go check out the 3nd image on his item page Here I included a size scale for reference, but at 18" tall he's substantial. After I posted all the images people were asking about him making sounds (which he does!) so I made a quick video for the youtubes so you can hear it for yourselves. We're getting the shipment to the fortress really soon, and we're hoping we can get them in time to ship of before the holidays.

Alright, Ok!,