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Stop, Chop, and Roll

Voting Open on 'Gunslingers' Tweakfest!

Vote on all of the Tweakfest submissions and earn 50 J!NX EXP!

Way out west where the coyote's sing there is a place where the gun slingers sling. They're bad and they're tough and they're faster than spit and you better not beg cause they hate that S...stuff. This weeks tweakfest is a high noon standoff between the rootin tootin gun slingers of the J!NX crew.

Rock the Vote!

Accepting Submissions: Fire Fighters Tweak!

How do you picture the J!NX crew fighting fire? This weeks Tweakfest is all about extinguishing the flames whether they be from a Pyromaniac, a Dragon, a lightning strike or anything else that starts fire.

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Winner Announced: Derp Tweak!

Congratulations to Lando for an entry that has earned 10,000 Gold and some awesome prizes!

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