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The Revenge of the Pic of the Week

It's been a long time. Pic of the Week has lain dormant in it's lair for nigh on two years. During that time, there were a lot of pics that showed off the creativity of the J!NX Minions. (including myself one week, for having the POWER of J!NXSKULL)

A few years ago I came across J!NX after seeing their shirts while watching Grandma's Boy. When I looked at the site I was amazed that there were shirts and other things made specifically for someone with my interests. I was hooked. I slowly bought a few shirts at a time, and before I knew it, I was a hardcore minion.

Eventually I stumbled upon the J!NX Community Page and found all sorts of goodies to sink my time into. After commenting on photos and blogs for some time, other minions like myself started to converse outside of JINX. We would periodically do Skype events, share thoughts about TV shows and other subjects on the Twitters and other social media. We've had a lot of fun over the years together doing all sorts of hijInks online.

The Pic of the Week blog that Skydog maintained was a way for the J!NX Minions to showcase their awesome imaginations with the shirts they loved. This lead to some some truly epic pics. Combo-Breaker, Failboat, Rising Sun, All Over Skull Knee High Socks, Akimbo, and more, featured a Minion's creativity with the products they loved. Now we are happy to announce that after a long hiatus, we are bringing it back! Let the picking of pics begin!

Firefighters probably are the best gamers. They handle high pressure situations almost everyday, so running through Mass Effect 3 on Insanity Mode, or fighting the undead on realism difficulty crossing The Bridge in L4D2 is a piece of cake (No lie)

Siege here shows us that he knows how to be a better gamer. Ready to take on anything a gaming firefighter could run into being armed with his axe, Day[9] Grunge Premium Tee and a frakking firetruck!

Gratz on being this week's Pic of the Week Siege

Who will be Pic of the Week in the weeks to come??questionmark!1? Break out your favorite manipulation software, tablet, and your green screen, and get those photos submitted to us. If you are chosen, you will get yourself 500 J!NX EXP and a J!NX brand tee for your efforts. We're really excited to see a new age of amazing minion pics, good luck, and get to work!

Be seeing you


Photo by: Siege



Pic of the Week

Long ago, in days of Yore, there was one called Skydog. With the power of his keyboard he bestowed the worthy few with their deserved praise! We carry on his legacy while he is busy sharpening up on his dragon-slaying and information tech dominance.