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The Siege Has Begun: WoW Sale and Giveaway!

Update: Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment, and tell us who you thought would be the one to take Garrosh down. Here are the lucky winners of our Alliance and Horde Track Jackets.

  • Adventurer Tara "It'll be the Horde. All of you Alliance players think you want to crush the Horde Warchief...But you haven't been listening to this punk whine for years."
  • Initiate Darkego "Alliance will for sure!!!"
  • Minion Caxton "For the Horde !!!!!!!"
  • Initiate Mz Strange "Lok'tar Ogar! For the Horde!!!
  • Minion Hachi "Horde will overthrow the tyrant"

  • Congrats to the winners! May your new chestpiece keep you equipped for adventure. Remember to keep the email and address linked to your J!NX account updated.

    Who will be the first to end the reign of Garrosh Hellscream? Celebrate the launch of Patch 5.4 “Siege of Orgrimmar” with 5.4% off all World of Warcraft products. Comment and tell us who you think, Alliance or Horde, will be the first to topple Garrosh for a chance to win a World of Warcraft Premium Alliance or Horde Track Jackets!

    Our Alliance and Horde track jackets are made with heavy cotton/poly blend that is very soft, and minimizes shrinkage. They are deigned for a relaxed fit, and feature comfy zipper pockets, an oversized hood with fine jersey lining, headphones/MP3 pocket grommet, and extra-long sleeves with thumbhole cuffs. Both Alliance and Horde faction versions are available.

    The contest will run until 9/16/2013, winners will be announced at 5 PM (PST) on 9/17. Post your pick, Alliance or Horde, for who will be the first to topple Garrosh in the comments below.

    Be sure to check out our World of Warcraft store for all things Azeroth and get 5.4% off through 9/16/13.
    (This discount cannot be combined with any other sale offers or discounts!)