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Meet Fuzzy: J!NX Community Manager

Hi Everyone, I'm Fuzzy.

I'm the new Community Manager for J!NX. I've already been here for 2 years as the photographer, but I'm heading up a new initiative to bring a lot more focus on the Community. I've spent the better part of the last 10 years of my life dedicated to taking photos, so deciding to pass along the role as photographer so I could spend my time managing the J!NX community was a big decision. I look forward to all the great things that I'll be able to do in this new capacity to help revitalize the content that made J!NX a website you'd go to for more than just the store.

This new position is a full time job dedicated to nothing but making the community better. In times past, when things around the Fortress have gotten really busy, everyone here has wished they’d had more spare time to spend updating the blog, and posting cool stuff for all of our fans. Keeping that going is extremely important to us, so we are making sure that there is someone (me!) who is 100% dedicated to keeping the updates flowing.

Aside from the products that we make, what made me want to join the team here in the first place was how J!NX is more than a store or brand. We had an active community of members that all formed a group of internet friends based around shared passions and interests. Some of the most active minions on the site are now employees at J!NX themselves. Our Customer service is headed up by Kaybi, Kooz, Crash, and Com1xguy who all make sure we go above and beyond to keep our members and customers happy. The kind of company that people would move across state lines, and in some cases the entire country to be a part of, is a company I feel honored to be able to work for.

It’s now my day to day responsibility here to come up with awesome things to keep everyone entertained. In addition to all of the online activities I’ll be organizing fun for the J!NX Crew as well. Expect more news about our game nights, Ping-pong tournaments, video game showdowns, nerf battles and everything in-between. I’ll also keep you updated with pictures and info when we go to conventions and events. It is also great to have achieved my lifelong goal of photoshopping laserbeams into cat photos professionally.

I have a lot of plans in the works to create new and interesting content for our blog, website, social media, etc. In addition to new contests and blog updates I’ll be handling, I want to take the great community activities we already have (like the Quiz, Polls, and Tweakfest) and make sure they're getting all the attention that they need to thrive. I have a lot of ideas of my own, but I'll be running polls and reading member comments to see if anyone has any ideas I can use to improve the community even more. It's going to be a great time getting involved with everyone, and I hope you're excited as I am for all the changes that are coming in the future!