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Meta-Blog Post: A post about blog posts

Metablog: A Blog post about the blog and blog-like activities

Hey Minions,

As announced last week, I'm the new captain of the S.S. J!NXBLOG, so I thought I'd let you in on the plan!


Blog Posts:
I'm going to be posting to the blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The posts will go up before the Fortress shuts down for the day, which means you can expect a new post on those days before 6:30-7 PM (PST) at the latest. Or, y'know, they'll be there waiting for you on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Pic of the Week:
I'll also be helping Com1x keep Pic of the Week running smoothly, and we plan to keep posting it on Friday afternoons.

Trivia will continue under the capable and watchful eye of Quizmaster Kaybi. As usual, expect the new Trivia on Thursday morning. (Don't hesitate to post quiz ideas, I read the comments.)

We are trying to find new ways to keep the Tweakfest interesting. All the people submitting their tweaks are awesome, I'd just love to see even more people competing! Tweakfest will still be updated on Thursdays. (Again: Tweakfest themes, suggest em!)

The Poll:
For the next couple weeks I'd like to use the Poll (Log on, it's on the right side of the Community Page) to gather ideas from the community, so It would be really great if you would take the time to answer the Poll each week so I can use the feedback to improve the way I'm doing things.

The Social Medias:
If you didn't know already, We've got social media outposts all over the internet sending their very own Rebel alliance transmissions. Some things that go up on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don't always filter back to the blog, so check them out for more J!NX news and J!NX non-news.


  • The Blog will have new posts by Wednesday and Friday mornings.
  • The Pic of the Week be picked by Friday
  • Trivia will be new on Thursday mornings
  • Tweakfest winners will be announced, and a new Teakfest will go live every other Friday
  • Take the poll every week so I can use your feedback to improve the community
  • Follow us on the social medias for more posts, contests, etc.
  • No one at the Fortress is ever allowed to use the word Jinx to demand soda.
  • Lists are fun.

See you Thursday,