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Hearthstone Pt.1: Fuzzy The CCG Addict

[Warning: If you have no idea what Hearthstone is, you should probably start by going HERE for context.]

Whenever I'm waiting for a new game to release I do what a lot of eager fans do: obsess. I like to read advance reviews, watch teasers, watch Youtube videos, watch streams, you name it. By the time the game is actually available I have a pretty good idea what to expect out of it before I even sit down to play. When I heard initially about Hearthstone I got really excited. I have to make an admission: I'm crazy for CCGs.I've spent a lot of time and money playing TCGs over the years. one time I started trying to calculate it but stopped halfway. Sometimes you might not actually want to know.

I've played a lot of card games. Some of them were good. A lot of them were overrated. Most of the truly unique ones never got as much recognition as they deserved. Here's a short list of a selected few I've played: Magic:TG, Legend of the Five Rings, Warlord, Magi-Nation Duel, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40k, 7th Sea, Highlander, Pokemon, Spycraft, Vampire:TES. There are tons (and tons) more I played just a few times that didn't hook me, or card games I just wouldn't classify as traditional CCG's.

I love the option to play card games digitally. At one time or another I played a fair bit of Magic:TG Online, which a lot of people never seemed interested in adopting. Likely because of the real money/digital cards dynamic, but it's also not as communal or social as supporting a gamestore [which is a fair point I fully agree with]. Magic Online was way ahead of the adoption curve for people being even receptive to that kind of business model. Blizzard announcing Hearthstone was exciting because it hits on a lot of buttons for things I geek out on:Card games, Online matchmaking, and the WoW universe. I was game before I even really knew for sure what was going on.

Instead of delving deep into the maelstrom of Hearthstone info floating around out there in the internet-tubes, this time I waited. As hard as it was to resist, I didn't watch anything or read any reviews or guides. I didn't spoil it for myself at all. After work the day we got our beta invites at the Fortress, I went home and booted Hearthstone right away. My first exposure to the mechanics and play style of the game was when I started the Tutorial. However, because I have an admittedly long history with card games, I brought my previous experience with me. All that play time of other CCG's served as a good vocabulary to understand what was happening mechanically in Hearthstone. I had a really good time, once I had a few hours into the game, which I'll detail in the pt.2 of this post.

For the sake of not wall-of-text overloading you eeager reader I'm going to split this into two parts.


...I'll post part 2, which is a longer, detailed write-up of my thoughts from two weeks playing Hearthstone. What I'm hoping to offer you that a lot of other people writing about Hearthstone can't is that my thoughts have been formed in isolation, as opposed to restating all the things other people have been saying. I have no idea what other people are writing about Hearthstone, so I'll be giving you my own personal impression of the game and it's mechanics.

See you all on Tuesday!

For Good Measure, here's a link to the trailer. Tell me how it is, I haven't finished Pt.2 yet!