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What's that you say? A Sale? A CRITICAL HIT SALE.

Hey Minions, I've got good news.

I’m excited to be the one who gets to introduce a new promotion we’re going to be running. It s called the CRITICAL HIT Sale, and it’s pretty awesome. We tried to think about what makes a good sale (Savings! Variety!), and what makes for a disappointing sale (mostly that they end).

The CRITICAL HIT sale is a little different than anything we’ve done before. Once a month, we roll the dice and see what category we’re going to put on sale. Throughout the month, all the products in that category will be from 10 to 30% off. Of course, that’s just a standard sale. Here’s where it gets interesting. Each week, 4 popular items will also go critical. These items will see even better prices and are not limited by the monthly theme. At the end of the week, those CRITICAL SALE items will be replaced by 4 new items. Once they're gone, they're gone so keep checking back at least weekly to ensure you don’t miss a great deal.

It’s important to note that if you want something that’s on critical sale, you may not want to wait to buy it. Not everything we put up for sale may be getting a restock. Consider everything on critical sale to be available only while supplies last, and possibly on sale for the last time ever! I look forward to having new critical sale products each week for you, keeping everything fresh, and constantly updating.

The first CRITICAL HIT Sale will be revealed on October 1. We will post the theme of the much as well as the first batch of Critical Hits. Bookmark the CRITICAL HIT page once it's launched so you don't miss out on the weekly deals.

Critmaster General,