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Announcing The Jinx Stronghold

Hey Minions,

We're all super busy right now at the Fortress. Everyone packing up their loot because We're Moving!

Long have we dwelt in the J!NX Fortress, atop a misty mountain, surveying the wilds of Northern San Diego County.

We've been adding to the crew over the last few years as we needed more and more help to keep up with all the products we produce so The Fortress has been getting real cozy. The time has come to find a more suitable command center.

Lucky for us, we were able to find a new location really close by, so expect no interruptions at all. We plan to be operating in the new location starting Monday. We'll be brewing extra-strong coffee this weekend!

In addition to being a great new building (With a wall of force! More on that later.), we've outfitted the new J!NX Stronghold with a state of the art warehouse setup that will help us work smarter.

Also: It has always been of the utmost importance to have a well appointed gaming room, and the Stronghold is no exception. Expect some photos once everything is in place. I'm so excited.

Left: Move in! Right: Move out. (Of course we're taking the sign with us!)

Thanks to everyone who supports what we do by buying or products and following us online. This is just the very beginning of a new chapter in J!NXIAN world domination, and we're glad to call you our minions.

Mover of Boxes,