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New Stronghold, J!NX Gear Incoming, Tables

Hey Minions!

Everyone has finally recovered from all the activity this weekend with the light-speed move to the brand new J!NX Stronghold. I know you're all waiting on photos, and you'll get as many as you can handle once everyone's offices are properly equipped. I can paint a visual for you right now: Boxes! The new space has so many possibilities, we're excited to outfit it properly. Did I mention we're getting a flag? We're getting a flag!

As promised, we were back in action on Monday, shipping out orders from our new warehouse. It was an enormous group effort from everyone here to help move and organize all the stock. They deserve all the credit for making this a surprisingly seamless move. The warehouse crew picked up where we left off, except in a way cooler warehouse. They said the office crew might have to wear fluorescent safety vests in the new warehouse.(I suspect trolling.)

On a non-moving front, we've been plugging away on a lot of new projects. The Critical Hit Sale has been a cool new way to give people a chance to save on our products, and to keep things always changing. I'm reading your comments on anything we're doing, so feel free to leave feedback on all the new community initiatives. You can look forward to constant deals on all kinds of products from that one in particular.

We're also working on new J!NX products. We've heard people asking for more J!NX apparel and goodies, and we agree that it's high time we made some. A few of you might have seen the teaser image I posted to our Instagram a few weeks ago when we were out at the X-Fest concert here in San Diego.

The embroidery is top notch. They’re really nice feeling hats. Fuzzy approved.

We'll be putting the custom hats up for sale along with the rest of the J!NX launch really soon. I don't have a launch date to nail down for you, but stay tuned for updates.

Time to go build the chairs for the game room. I won't show off the whole area yet, because it's not done, but LOOK AT THIS TABLE!!!

All it needs now are boardgames and tankards of fine mead.

See you Thursday,