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GTAV: Hop in the J!NX Van, we have candy.

Greetings Fellow Minions, It is I, Kooz!

A lot of us here at the Stonghold have been playing Grand Theft Auto V non-stop. The only thing that could stop us (other than work of course) is... well, GTA Online.

Since going live last week it's hard not to go around the (new) offices without overhearing the latest adventures and trouble everyone has been getting into around San Andreas. TDM with Military tanks and Capture the Crack modes are particular favorite game modes among us so far when we're not roaming around in free mode. As youd expect there has also been some robbing of stores and jumping out of helicopters into swimming pools.... y'know, normal everyday stuff.

We've started up a crew (headed up by yours truly) on Rockstar Socialclub for all our GTA Online shenanigans. J!NX Party Van! Come join us to play with us crew and your fellow minions! We have free candy, and by candy, I mean free J!NX emblems to put on your gang member and/or vehicle, so people know who is in charge around these parts.

See you in Los Santos!

[Hey Minions, Fuzzy here. From time to time I'll have guest posts here on the J!NX blog. Thanks a ton to Kooz for being the first victim volunteer!]