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Black Mesa Boxing

We have moved! As you have seen from our recent blog posts, we are now in the Stronghold! Since last week was so hectic, Pic of the Week was not up. This week however, we are back on schedule! TO THE PIC!!!

[Editorial Note: This Memo was left on Com1xguy's desk early yesterday. There is no trace of the messenger, nor does anyone recall it being delivered.]

Congrats Lando for being selected as Pic of the Week this week! (and congrats on whatever new job offers you may or may not have gotten.) Don’t forget to keep an ever vigilant eye out for any unauthorized personnel!

Be Seeing You,


Photo by: Lando



Pic of the Week

Long ago, in days of Yore, there was one called Skydog. With the power of his keyboard he bestowed the worthy few with their deserved praise! We carry on his legacy while he is busy sharpening up on his dragon-slaying and information tech dominance.