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New J!NX products, Finally!

Hey Minions!

Today is Wednesday, which is the day after Tuesday, which was the day I normally update the blog. I decided to post today though, so I didn't pre-empt the launch, but I'm pretty excited to announce NEW J!NX SHIRTS!1!!one! Like a lot of people working at J!NX, I was a fan before I was an employee and I love our own brand shirts. I'm overjoyed we are launching some new designs with which to adorn gamer torsos everywhere.We all really love the sprayskull tee, so we've created some new J!NX tees that are equally cool, with designs that are really graphic.

As I showed in the last post we also released a new custom Hat that we had made to our specs. It's got a thickly embroidered J!NX skull, but the rest is very understated in a classic black.

I'm personally a big fan of pins for games and bands, so I was happy we're finally offering a J!NX pin of our own for me to affix to all the things.

Since this post went up today, that means that tomorrow is still a post day as well, which means: BACK TO BACK BLOG POST DAYS. Madness. I won't tell you who, but one of my fellow JINXIANS has written a post about one of our favorite community activities.

[P.S. If there's interest in updating the wallpapers section on the site, I think a lot of these would be great candidates. Thoughts?]

See you soon! -Fuzzy