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Kaybi Talks Tweakfest

What is the Tweakfest?

Have you ever wanted to sharpen your photo manipulation skills? Well now is your chance to do it while competing for prizes. Here at J!NX we have a bi-weekly photo manipulation contest called the Tweakfest. Every two weeks we supply you with some photos of our crew members and loyal minions like yourself manipulate the photos based on that week’s theme.

Left: My first Tweakfest submission. Right: After a honing my skills

These contests are ongoing and the prizes are AWESOME!!1! Every two weeks we give away 10,000 J!NX Gold to the 1st place winner. (That’s $100.00).

1st place also gets some random awesome physical prizes related to the theme of the tweakfest like these:

2nd place gets 2000 Gold, 3rd gets 1000 Gold and 4th gets 500 Gold. Sometimes we even give prizes for the most absurd entry and crew favorites.

Here are answers to common questions and concerns.

“I can’t afford Photoshop.” – NO WORRIES! There are free programs like GIMP that have robust image editing capabilities. We don’t even care if you use MS Paint, what's important is that you make something awesome.

“I don’t know how to use these programs.” – There are sooooo many free tutorials out there. Simply run an internet search for the program you have such as ‘free gimp tutorials’.

“I know how to use these programs, but I’m not that good.” – Neither was I when I first started. I started watching tutorials when I had some spare time and after entering over 20 Tweakfests I finally won one.

“I’m afraid that trolls will make fun of my entry.” – There are trolls everywhere however; we also have more than enough awesome minions who will welcome you, help fight trolls, and give you friendly advice on your work.

“I don’t like the photos supplied.” – You can use any crew photos from previous Tweakfests as well.

"I totally understand Tweakfest, but can I ask a question rhetorically anyway?" - You can, and just did. Go you.

“How do I get inspired?” – Here is a compilation of great Tweakfesters who participate regularly. Go to their J!NX profile page and click on the link that says Tweaks. You will see that everyone started somewhere and look at how they have progressed over the years. I included mine as well from before I was a crew member.