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Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey Minions,

The holiday season is approaching, and everyone at the Stronghold is getting ready! The warehouse staff is preparing for all the orders, and we're getting ready to make sure we can still give great customer support during the holidays even with the big spike we get of requests!

We're also going to be attending MineCon in Florida next weekend (Nov 2&3rd). If you're planning to attend, keep an eye out for the J!NX booth, and for members of the crew who will be taking turns checking out all the mine-conny goodness. I'll be there giving out high-fives, and likely some goodies to any minions I encounter.

The weekend after MineCon is BlizzCon (Like you didn't know that!), which is back after taking a year off! I'm personally excited to be going along with the crew to BlizzCon, as I've never been able to make any of the previous years! We'll be bringing the J!NX booth, and packing it full of merch. We're going to be located right outside of the World of Warcraft/Hearthstone Stage, right in the middle of the show floor.

I'll make announcements about it as everything gets solidified, but we'll be having a small section of the booth at BlizzCon set aside for a few well known personalities to meet people, sign things, give high-fives, etc.

Since we're doing back to back 'Cons, you'd think we would take this weekend off to just relax and prepare. BUT YOU'D BE WRONG! We really wanted to participate in the Extra Life Charity gaming marathon this year, but with a lot of people going to MineCon during the official days it looked like we'd miss out. Instead, we're going to be doing it a week early, so starting on Saturday members of the crew will be battening down for 25 solid hours of gaming to raise some money for children's hospitals.You can check out our team page here. I'll sort out having a stream, though we'll all be playing a lot of varied games, so the logistics are complex indeed.

I'm going to go make an industrial-sized pot of coffee.

Soon to be found passed out while gaming,