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The J!NX Crew Survives Extra Life!

[Hey Minions! Fuzzy here. I wanted to post about the Extra Life marathon we just survived last weekend, but before I wrote a post our very own Consilium unleashed his epic prose, and I knew there was no way I would top it! I've included photos I took over the course of the evening as well. If you don't know what the Extra Life Marathon is,Click Here!]

As the fog cleared on Saturday morning, I walked the Stronghold alone. Barely awake, I stood in hallways and offices that were once buzzing with life. Nothing; I heard nothing, I saw nothing. It was strange, surreal. The air was cool and still, the sort of peace that makes you want to sleep. But I knew at that moment, sleeping was the last thing I would be doing for the next twenty-five hours. I had set out on this mission for a reason and I'd see it through to the end. I meandered the halls, absentmindedly pressing light switches, and the fluorescent bulbs popped on one by one buzzing to a glow while I thought about what was ahead of our humble little team.

My teammates showed up one at a time, some in pairs. I had checked the roster that morning, our final numbers had grown to fifteen. Everyone walked in with a different idea in mind of how they would spend the next hours of their lives, but we all had one thing in common, we were there to game, and game we did. We were a small group but we were there for a big cause, to raise money for sick and injured children. Our original goal of one-thousand dollars was met and broken. New goals were set and broken one by one as our little team exceeded expectations, even my own. As of writing this, our team has brought in over thirty-three hundred dollars. We should be proud of what we accomplished that day, I am.

By 9:00 am we were settled in to our battle stations. The lights dimmed and the marathon began, games creating colorful ambient light from every direction. These people were here to raise money for a great cause but the passion for the games in front of them was evident in that moment. Games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Final Fantasy Online, Path of Exile, Batman Arkham Origins, and Minecraft were flickering on every screen in the room accompanied by a muffled hum of sound effects being played through headsets around the room.

Throughout the day our numbers fluctuated as people came in to support us, some with food and others taking up stations alongside us. Many couldn't make it, but their support was shown when our fundraising goals were met and broken over five times in the weeks leading up to that day. To those of you who supported us, in any form, thank you. It meant more to us than you know.

The day felt like any other Saturday for most of us. This was our routine, this was our passion. Isn't wasn't until around hour twenty that the very passions that brought us here began to break us. Our minds were losing focus and our eyelids gaining weight. The littlest thing threw us in to laughing fits. I'm not going to lie, I had my moments of doubt.

Despite me believing otherwise, time was indeed moving forward and a new day finally began. The sun rose and, with a second wind, we finished. We made it. Twenty-five straight hours of gaming was over. New friendships had been made, and old ones strengthened.

Thank you to everyone who participated in any form. Whether you were a teammate, someone who donated, or if you stopped by to give us the encouragement we needed. I loved every second of this little adventure and I look forward to doing it again next year.


[If you want to check out our Extra Life Team page to see how we did, you can go HERE