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BlizzCon 2013

Hey Minions!

The crew has survived the madness that was back to back cons! We flew, we drove, and we worked like madmen. It was all worth the effort to go see the awesome cons, and to have a chance to meet a lot of fans in person.

BlizzCon was a ton of fun, and we were lucky enough to be joined by members of the J!NX guilds to help us run the booth this year. This is the first chance some of us have to meet in person the people we spend so much time gaming with!

There were a lot of interesting announcements, and updates. We're all still enjoying Hearthstone a lot, so it was great to hear that Blizzard plans to take it to open beta soon. All of the Blizzard games are getting love, and the new kid on the block Heroes of the Storm made a strong initial showing, getting a lot of kind reviews.

Here's a quick slideshow of photos from the Con!