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MineCon Madness

(Hey Minions!)

What's that you say? You want to know how cool MineCon was? Oh I'LL TELL YOU how cool I thought MineCon was. Pull up a block and prepare your brain.

Imagine you're deep under the crust of the very earth itself, with no weapons. It's dark, and you're low on torches. All of a sudden a sound comes from the darkness, like the burning of a fuse. You know that sound, and all of your instincts tell you to run. But before you can flee you're face to face with your hissing green doom. As a last resort you flail wildly at your attacker, somehow pushing it from the ledge upon which you stand.

Scant dark moments pass as the hissing, flashing monstrosity falls into the inky black. Then from below a cacophonous sound rips through the cavern as the monster follows it's one and only instinct for self-destruction. You decide to climb to the floor below to assess the damage.

Among the piles of rubble and the crater left behind, something pale and blue winks back in the waning torchlight, beckoning you closer. Diamonds. You've finally found them....

MineCon was something like that. On a scale of 1 to "as awesome as finding diamonds because a Creeper almost blew you up", I'd say it was firmly the second one. Yes, I realize that is a strange scale, but I'm the scale-setter on this blog and they let me do what I want.

We had a great time out in Orlando seeing so many fans celebrating a game they all love. We're looking forward to doing it all again next year. If you stopped by the booth, or just said Hi to the J!NX crew, thanks for being awesome!

Here's a slideshow: