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Pic of the Week: Throne of Hordes

Beyond the wall lies a terror spoken of only in whispers and bedtime stories to frighten small children. One who controls those who walk the frozen wastes preying upon both Wildlings and Rangers. Minion Mars knows this terror and has prepared all in the land for this coming from the comfort of the Iron Throne.

Being cloaked in the World of Warcraft Horde Spray Zip-up Hoodie will protect him when leading the Horde into battle against the wintery foe and shield him from the chilling grasp of the Others (and Arthas Menethil as well).

Congrats Mars for being the usurper of the Pic of the Week Throne this week. Stay ever vigilant in your guarding of the North. Valar Morghulis.

Be Seeing You,

Photo by: Mars



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