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All manner of holidays are approaching, and that means the J!NX Stronghold has fortified our numbers in preparation for the madness that is the Holiday sales season.

We've been discussing all manner of things of a sale-like manner internally, and now that we've settled on a few I am here as your guide.

About this time of year we start posting this picture of our warehouse manager Merlin everywhere.

Critical Hit Sale

Lady minions will be happy to hear that they'll be getting lots of love this holiday season. All December long we'll be having discounts on girl gear, and the Critical Hit Sale prices WILL STACK with any other holiday promotions for Super effective sale prices.

Cyber Monday

Whenever someone says Cyber Monday, it makes me think we're going to have to battle a now-sentient Skynet for great deals. Maybe next year. This year we're having one of the biggest sales we've ever had at J!NX, but it's all one day only. It's not going to be restricted to game licenses, but instead will ally to a whole category of products.

At this time, I am authorized to say (by the secret J!NX Sales robot overlords, naturally) is that it's very likely you'll be getting somewhere around 25% savings on a lot of orders. Allegedly there is also free wrapping paper involved as well. I've said too much already. *Looks around suspiciously*

Also, Black Friday:I have been informed that there will be savings occuring on the Blackest of Fridays. What are they? NOT TELLING YOU!, MUHAHAHA. You'll have to come to the site and find out. I'm not saying it involves Tanks, but...

J!NX Holiday-of-your-choice Sale

We're going a little nuts this year, in a good way. Think less "The Shining", and more "The Savings". We're bringing back a lot of the deep price savings from previous years, and then added even more ridiculous deals for most of our properties on top of them. Minecraft fan? You'll dig it. LoL players? Savings so OP. World of Tanks? We're rolling out sweet deals.

The full-on Holiday Guide is expected to land around Thanksgiving, so keep checking back for announcements for the more detailed list of savings for the season.

Fuzzily Yours,