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Arrows and Bow

Before battling the demonic forces in and around Sanctuary, Demon Hunters follow a strict regime of bow training. Endless hours of shooting forge the hunter into an animal of instinct, able to pull, draw, and release tirelessly.

MLGMinecraft is in the middle of that training. Perfecting his style, he may soon graduate to the beloved hand crossbows that have made Demon Hunters famous throughout the years. Smaller targets simulate vital areas of the most hated of demonic foes, making their slaying easier. Wearing the Diablo III Special Edition Premium Tee gives him the motivation to never fail in the face of pressure.

Keep up the diligent practice MLGMinecraft. And congratulations on shooting straight with this week’s Pic of the Week!

Be seeing you,

Photo by: MLGMinecraft



Pic of the Week

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