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Can't we all just game along?

Hey Minions,

I've got to say, I'm happy to report that the J!NX Stronghold isn't deep in the melees of the inevitible console war. Both sides seem content to own, play, and not argue about their game delivery device they prefer out of the offerings available.

One thing that has never made sense to me about new consoles was the penchant a lot of people have for nerdraging out if you insist that there might be desirable qualities in every offering of a console generation. I was listening to the Vergecast last night in which they gave some very general rundowns and first impressions of both the PS4 and the Xbox one. What was really refreshing was their reluctance to trash either console for its flaws at launch, or possibly a lackluster launch catalog.

Time passes, and everyone forgets things. For instance: Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't a SEGA launch title. It came out 2 YEARS later! It was all Altered Beast and Columns for two solid years before the hog even spun onto the scene. It's really similar to complaints about game prices. Brand new video games have always cost a lot, launch titles have often been just okay. We're coming off of the longest console generation so far, so pardon me for thinking everyone might be a bit spoiled by the fact that developers have had almost a decade to tinker and figure out how to optimize for the system. A lot of great games came out for both systems, and there were pluses and minuses to the way their respective parent companies handled management of their online player communities, updates, etc.

Can't we all just get along? I bet it's not that different these days that many people only buy a single console not because of usage overlap, but because they don't have the kind of money to throw at kitting up three next gen consoles (you probably forgot WiiU huh.) On the subject of the WiiU, once again we see Nintendo doing what they always do. Sometimes it seems like the design choices makes are so divergent from the trending market they must have guys locked in isolation somewhere. Maybe they just asked a ton of kids what would be cool. Whatever they're doing, you've got to respect that they don't even care about the resolution race, and are instead sticking to their guns and putting out the kind of games Nintendo makes. (By the way Nintendo, It's time to remake Pokémon Snap. You've literally made the perfect controller for it.)

I could go on and on and on forever about this kind of thing. As a community we spend soooooo much time going back and forth over things that are so objective, about things we didn't even have a hand in creating. Games are fun, and anything that lets you play games is already a good thing. Whether or not you like that PARTICULAR Gameboxotron9000 is more reflective of your preference than it is of if it's objectively good.

He who is likely to be flamed,