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Friday: None More Black

Hey Minions!

As you may have noticed, the Holiday Gift Guide is fully operational! This of course means that the deals are now within your grasp. Today being the Blackest of Fridays, it means we're kicking off the ongoing sales that last through the holiday season.

Today we're starting the World of Tanks Promotion. We're excited that we were able to team up with Wargaming to offer an in-game item as part of the bundle. We have a lot of avid tankers in the office who are probably trying to justify to themselves a good reason to buy 4 more shirts they probably already own, or to grab a few of the newly released WoT gear. You knew we released new World of Tanks products today (In the middle of a sale?! Madness, I know.)

Also, the upcoming Cyber Monday Sale is a new way of doing things for us. Instead of only discounting a specific game's items, we're making it so that you can pick and choose from a category and still get awesome savings. If you've been wanting some shirts, and you wanted to buy some presents as well: Bam, Problem solved.

There are a LOT of promotions that start running on the 3rd of December, if you haven't had the chance to see the whole Holiday guide you should give it a glance. Keep scrolling and scrolling, the deals just keep going.

A quick note before I wrap up: These are all the promotions we're running, grouped in one place for your convenience. We won't be sneaking anything in there last minute, and I will tell you why. We don't want you to hold off on buying anything in the event that there's some later sale going on. It would be no fun if you weren't able to get your purchases shipped out in time, so if you see things you want, I wouldn't hesitate. for your convenience I'm going to write a more detailed blog about shipping times early next week so that you can have a better idea of when you need to get your orders in to make it in time for various gift-giving gatherings!

Resuming his turkey coma,