Community Pic of the Week

Hearthing the Stone

His opposition was almost dead. Down to 1 life after last turn’s onslaught,TheKioskZone holds his breath as he draws his card. He will be dead on his opponent’s next turn unless he pulls a miracle.

PYROBLAST! Wait! Curses! He only had 7 Mana, and that would be no good. He glanced at the board to the Millhouse Manastorm on the other side. With a smile on his face, TheKioskZone aims the spell at his opponent’s face reducing his life from 10 to zero in the blink of an eye! That would teach him not to play a late game Millhouse against a Mage!

Gratz TheKioskZone on having this week’s Pic of the Week! Keep slingin’ those cards and making your enemies burn in the fire of their own weak card pool!

Be seeing you,

Photo by: TheKioskZone



Pic of the Week

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