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Cyber Monday/Shipping

Hey Minions!

Hopefully you all survived the holiday mayhem, what with all the festive eating and battling wandering dragons. Your family doesn't fight thanksgiving dragons? That explains a lot.

Well, we're rolling into a new week, which means a lot of things. The Steam sale has come once again, and if you're anything like me you've been gleefully gifting Surgeon Simulator to anyone who doesn't already fear it's name. It's also game night at the Stronghold, like it is every other week. I feel like there was something else...

Oh yeah, It's Cyber Monday. Deals! Quick breakdown time:

  • Buy 5 Tees and get 25% off the lot. Yep, any tees. Men's , Women's, Kids. Wow, LoL, Minecraft. Whatever your torso-covering needs, you can get a deal on a batch of shirts!
  • SIDE NOTE:Are you a lady-minion/buying things for lady-minions? All the Critical Hit Sale for her deals stack with the Cyber Monday discounts.
  • Buy 3 Pieces of Outerwear and get 25% off: Hoodies & Jackets, you can grab yourself a few cool armor upgrades, or you can buy presents, or both. I'm not judging.
  • 5 Posters- 25% off (There is a theme here):Insta-wall-covering deal on anything flat and poster-y!
  • 5 keychains 25% off: If you've been wanting to beef up your puny keyring into something worthy of using as a weapon, this could be for you. (Or stocking stuffers for guildies/family/friends/begrudgingly repsected non-faction-members)
  • Bonus Wrapping Paper: Overs of $80 will get some of our J!NX wrapping paper. (forged by the finest dwarven papersmiths!)

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, I wanted to also make a quick note about something that is super important. That's not good enough. Here:


Shipping times are no joke. Let me give you a breakdown so you can order things and feel secure that they will actually be there in time for a holiday celebration of your choosing:

Economy Shipping-Wednesday December 11: If you're opting for the Economy option, you need to make sure you've ordered by the 11th. It usually arrives in 10 business days, and this gives a buffer for any slight shipping delays.

Standard Shipping- Monday December 16: The standard shipping method should arrive in 3-7 business days, but again, hedge your bets.

2 Day Shipping (UPS 2nd Day Air) Saturday December 21: If you opt to go this route (via air apparently.) then you have until the 21st. I would still suggest ordering even sooner if possible.

Next Day Shipping (UPS Next Day Air) Monday December 23- There are only a few reasons you'd be needing to ship next day, and one of them is not having taken my advice and ordered ahead of time! Anyhow: Get your order in by the 23rd.

As you may imagine, these are all domestic (USA) shipping times. If you live elsewhere, I will give the same advice: Don't wait, shipping always takes longer around the holidays.

I'm off to go battle cyborgs, because that's really what today is all about. Cyborg battling, and sweet, sweet deals.