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Hey Minions

The Holidays are always a busy time for everyone at the J!NX Stronghold. There were a lot of changes this year as well (such as our move to the Stronghold!) so this is an exceptionally busy season this year. Our customer service team has reinforcements to help them answer any questions that come in, sort out order issues, make relevant Princess Bride references when they're warranted. We're getting lots of orders, and lots of calls and emails to the support team, but we have been hearing great feedback from customers, and we're excited to have this be a record year for turnaround times on customer service requests.

The production team has ramped up their logistics-handling to accommodate making sure that we try to produce and restock as much as we possibly can in the middle of this very busy time. There are an amazing number of things that have to be planned and executed according to a schedule to do something seemingly as simple as print a new design, so the production team deserves a high-five for their efforts.

The J!NX website, while partially sentient at times (mostly kidding.) still requires the loving care of the Dev team to make sure that everything is functioning properly. As you imagine, we're getting a lot of traffic right now, so even more so than other times, we're lucky to have our team of dedicated code warriors keeping things in order so that we're able to meet the demand and keep things as smooth as possible.

The Art team is working on all kinds of new designs to help us roll into the New Year with products that we're excited about. It's a lot of their creative toil that goes onto shirts, gets printed on posters, and makes the world a more gameriffic place in general. It's not always easy to be creative every day, but they're a dedicated bunch who work extremely hard at designing.

The warehouse has literally never been as busy as it is right now. We've brought in help for the holidays, and the newly designed warehouse system is helping us be efficient in ways it wasn't even possible at the Fortress. Our turnaround times on orders are better than they've ever been during the holidays. A lot of that is thanks to the warehouse management and staff, for working together like a well-oiled machine. They do hard work out there, and put in long hours, but any time I spend a few minutes hanging out with the crew on break, their awesome mood always makes my day better. The warehouse is kicking tons of ass this year, and I think they deserve to know it.

There are a lot of us who don't fit into one of those neatly defined departments, and were not working any less hard. We're a family, and everyone's contribution is important to the whole. Everyone here is a part of what we are and deserves to be proud of who we are and what we do. The hectic hours of the holiday season don't break the bonds of camaraderie and friendship that were the reason I loved working here in the first place. I'm proud to be a part of this company, and I hope that everyone else here is too.

So let's not forget all the hard work that everyone contributed, not just from the holiday season, but from the whole year past. Thanks to Accounting, and Office admin, and Wholesale, and Sales, I.T., and everyone else who helps us get the work done. J!NX is what it is because of its people, and in my opinion its people are awesome.