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Holiday Phillips Lovecraft

Hey Minions,

It's that time of year, when you want to settle down with a nice hot mug of cocoa, next to the raging yule log, and read stories. Whether you're reading alone, or to a group of young impressionable children, there's only one obvious choice for whose works you should reach for:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Nothing says Holidays like the pulp literature of H.P. Lovecraft. It has everything a proper Holiday tale needs! Snow? At the Mountains of Madness has more snow than you can shake a Shoggoth at. A lot of great holiday tales are about travel, but riding on some train has nothing on the world-travel in Call of Cthulhu!

 We can't forget about one of the most common threads of a proper holiday tale: Family. Lucky for you dear reader, Howard has you covered there too. Check out Rats in the Walls and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, two of Lovecraft's family stories.

You might be thinking that what I'm talking about is sheer madness. Surely I must be more off my rocker than Abdul Alhazred when he wrote the Necronomicon! Nay friends, I am just here to make sure your holiday is filled with such great writing you'd have to be insane not to read it. Also: if you actually go around reading a ton of Lovecraft to kids by a raging fire, I take no responsibility for failed sanity checks.

Ai Ai, I hope everyone has a r'lyeh great season!