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Happy Holidays from J!NX

Hey Minions!

The Stronghold is winding down, though just a little bit, to give hard working J!NXIANS a well deserved dose of rest and relaxation. Obviously, a lot of us are probably going to use the free time to play games, but that sounds restful to me.

In the festive spirit, here are a few of my favorite photos from the J!NX Holiday party/Stronghold-warming party. We invited friends, family, our partners, and a few minions to the most enjoyable revelries!

There was a Mage, there were wandering adventurers, and of course a bevy of minstrels of every kind to soothe the ears and relax the mind. To that end we also had Mead, Grog, and the finest of ales to lift the spirits and help bring cheer.

There was a high-score competition, to see whom would best our Twilight Zone Pinball machine. The event that drew the loudest cheers of victory, and the loudest groans of lamentation was the Street Fighter tournament, where the most proficient battled it out FOR VICTORY!

Everyone relaxing in the warehouse was lucky enough to hear our very own DJ Skydog spin, which is a far too rare event these days.

Our very own Sean "J!NX" Gailey gave a speech, to thank the J!NXIANS for all their hard work. He also thanked all in attendance for all the ways they have helped J!NX be what it is. Be it was working a booth at BlizzCon, or understanding a loved one putting in some overtime, all the little pieces that everyone gives add up to a whole lot.

So good Minions, I will see you very soon, and wish for you the most Awesome and Geeky of Holidays. May you play many games with those you care about and together be without peer!

Enough Talking! Bring on some photos!

See you soon Minions!