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There is no doubt that every Spectre is the cream of the crop, the prime rib of the soldiering world. The best of the best of the best…..of the best. Every one of them goes through the most rigorous training. Hand to hand, firearms, orbital laser targeting systems, holo-field-stealth tactics. They know how to kill. But there is a training that is the hardest to master. The dreaded Spectre Duckface.

Squishy0rg4ns is showing that he has mastered that training. As every Spectre graduate knows, you only use the Duckface when absolutely necessary. Standing at attention is one of those moments.

Keep doing the Terran Dominion proud squishy0rg4ns! And don’t forget to keep up your Terrazine injection regiment! And congratulations on being this week’s Pic of the Week!

Be seeing you,

Photo by: Squishy0rg4ns



Pic of the Week

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