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New Year, Same Games!

Hey Minions,

I don't know about you, but my New Year's resolution is to finish more games.

Strewn across my consoles and Steam account are a veritable cornucopia of half-finished games, sad in their lack of completion. Morose little Pokemon are waiting for me to come battle the rest of the Gym leaders. It's a good thing I didn't pick up Animal Crossing, or there'd be yet another virtual world, sitting there wondering when I'm coming back to continue my rule as a benevolent interloper. All of those don't even account for the new games that joined the Queue of not-even-started games thanks to my inability to ignore the Steam sale. Gaben got me again.

Gaben: Destroyer of Wallets, Slayer of Paypals.

It looks like it's shaping up to be a good year for gaming though. It's always exciting to see a new Gen of consoles roll out. Obviously there is a sweet spot in the life-cycle of a console where the developers have had enough time to monkey with the tools to wring out a greater level of performance, but it's still hard to beat watching popular titles emerge.

What I'd really like to see is a new franchise to reinvigorate the medium. While a lot of sequels are doing their legacy a great service (I'm talking about you GTAV), really new games that are going to spawn an entirely fresh IP are looking thin on the ground. I could be wrong, in which case voice your opinion in the comments, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

A few J!NXIANS are checking out DAYZ now that it's up for early access. There were some mod-version players around the Stronghold, but with the easier interface of the standalone I expect that as development goes on we'll have more people joining to wander through the wilds until someone holds you up for a can of beans. Anyone out there been having good DAYZ experiences? Anyone in Cherno?

If you didn't know, we're selling a ton of things for sweet post-world-ending catastrophe prices. We can't accept bottlecaps as payment yet, but we're working on it. The sale will last until the end of the month, but there's no guarantees on stock, so as always you may want to jump on anything you have your eye on.

I'm off to go finish some games!