Community Pic of the Week

Pandas are Cute. Right?

Everyone loves Pandas right??! Cute little bears that sit around all day eating hundreds of pounds bamboo and looking adorable. Boopid here is breaking that mold. Out of his cage at the zoo, he is prowling for something more than bamboo. Hot dogs, popcorn, funnel cake, fried tofu. Every delicious zoo food he can find!

After eating his fill, he will begin his pandadventure. Liberate a car. Run over a few pedestrians, and join up with his crew to help unload a bank of its delectable money (Sorry I have been playing a lot of GTA 5 lately.)

So congrats Boopid for having this week’s Pic of the Week! Keep on Pandaing on! According to his minion profile, this masked panda calls our very own San Diego his home too, and we just couldn't be more proud.

Be seeing you,

Photo by: Boopid



Pic of the Week

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