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You Have My Beard. And My Axe!

Let’s face it. Giant beards are amazing. The time and effort that goes into an awesome beard really does show. Lady Karenm101 of clan Rad-beard showing off the svelte facial locks of her father. All hail the Beared one. Other Dwarven clans are jealous of his perfectly groomed masterpiece which has taken decades to carefully craft.

Many an invader to the realm has fallen to his axe while defending the Kingdom under the Mountain. All the while, his beard grows in stature like himself. Until eventually, it will fade into legend with time, to be talked about in stories around the feast table.

Well met Karenm101, and thank you for sharing your patron’s legendary face-warmer, and congatulations for having this week’s pic of the week!

Be seeing you,

Photo by: Karenm101



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