Community Pic of the Week

Can Haz FaceHugz??

“Looks like some sort of secreted resin.”

“Yeah, but secreted from “what”?”

At first it looks like Kinkachu is trying to avoid looking at the unforgivable horribleness that is Aliens: Colonial Marines. But upon further inspection, it seems like she is just giving some affection to a lonely little facehugger. Never one to pass up hugs, Kinkachu obliges the little guy knowing that he will fall off and die soon after; Leaving her free to go about the rest of her days living spontaneous and happy after just having won the Powerball lottery!

Congrats Kinkachu for having this week’s Pic of the Week!

Hey, are you OK? You sure are coughing a lot…

What is that moving around under your skin there???

[Horrible agonizing screams, bones breaking, skin ripping]


[Pulse rifle fire erupts]

Be seeing you,

Photo by: Kinkachu



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