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Never Made it Home

How Fuzzy Died

Day 1: Now that I'm overloaded with the spoils of adventure, I start to think it's a good idea to return to base, though after a quick 360 I realize I have no clue which direction that would actually be. The sun is setting, and I don’t have any weapons. I decide to just dig a hole and wait it out.

Day 2: I dig out of my hiding place and set off in some direction. I'd never taken note of where the bases were in relation to the sun, so I'm hopelessly lost. I wander through overgrown jungle I am sure I never passed through before, which is a bad sign. I don't have endless supplies of food, and yet again the sun is starting to wane. I resolve to make an outpost and try to survive.

Day 3: I find a cave just as the sun sets and use cobblestone to block the entrance. Luckily I have plenty of torches and picks I think to myself. I might just make it home. Just in case I don't make it, at the entrance to the cave I leave a sign that reads:

and you will know the truth of the matter. I didn't, and I did.