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Find Fuzzy At PAX East!

This is Fuzzy, or I guess, This is me! If you didn't know it already I'm the designated trollslayer at J!NX. I write the blarg, update twitter and facebook, and generally spend a lot of time challenging people to nerf fights on the internet.

Contents in photo are as nerdy as they appear.

I've never been to PAX East, and this year I'll be walking the con floors amongst the masses, like an undercover agent. What will I be doing? Sorry that's classified. (GAMES AND STUFF!)

But! IF you happen to find me on the floor of the Con, and want a PAX EAST EXCLUSIVE HIGH FIVE, I'm all about making that happen. I'll also probably be laden with J!NX trinkets, so there's that too. What kind of J!NX loot? (you ask theoretically).

If you're not already following us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram (@jinxdotcom), you're generally missing out, but that's where a lot of the PAX East related goodness is going down. Expect photos and tweets, of things, and places!