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Peek Behind the Screen

Quickly approaching is a date that is really special to everyone here at J!NX. Starting in May we'll be celebrating 15 years as a company. Though a lot has changed in 15 years, a lot of things that matter have stayed the same. We're still owned by the same founders, and we continue to do everything we can to pack the Stronghold full of awesome passionate people who care about what we do.

In honor of the big XV, we're going to be launching some new J!NX gear. A few shirts, and some other pieces we're really proud of. I thought it might be cool to do a "behind the design" for one of the upcoming tees, just to give you a look at what's coming up!

We had a creative meeting a while back, which is a round-table with a lot of post-its and silly ideas. We all come up with as many ideas as we can and take turns explaining the concept behind them. Once there is a plethora of post-its, we go around putting marks on the ones that stand out over the next few days to determine which ideas to look into. We have a lot of really talented artists, so sometimes the sketches are great even on a tiny post-it. This design however goes to show that even someone with really limited drawing skills can rely on the art team to take an idea and make it epic.

Once we have an idea we're excited about there are a lot of ways that the design can go. Usually there will be some gathering of inspiration for the text, layout and artwork. Some designs are a one-person job, but occasionally it might be a collaboration between more than one artist. In the case of this shirt, we knew the art style had to have that old-school RPG feel, so after some reference-gathering it was straight to the sketches.

When working on a concept sometimes the feel will be right, but the layout needs to change. Sometimes the art feedback is hilarious on it's own:

After the first round usually the design starts to solidify into a few variations on a theme. At this point the goal is to decide the shape we're going to go with, and then after that we'll consider how text (if any) is going to be integrated into the art.

The final touches that really bring a design together are so important. In the case of this design, the art on the DM screen was so essential to the joke. The final art was perfect, and way better than anything I'd imagined when I thought of the initial idea in the meeting. The huge upside to working with the team is that things are much better when great minds work together.

So here it is, one of the new Tees that we'll be launching next month: "Can't See Me Rollin"

This is just one of the cool new shirts we're excited to launch, and I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the DM screen so to speak. A lot of work goes into each product, and it's great to get to share the process with the fans that we do it all for.

I'm off to play some D&D,