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Something Something.. Dark Souls Too....

[Editorial Note!: This is a guest post from our chooser of photos and resident master of Dark Souls 2:Com1xguy!]

The PC release of Dark Souls 2 was about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to kind of share my experiences so far with the game. I have been playing on PS3 since the console release with about 200 hours in the game so far. Here is how it has been going……

Some people are very intimidated by the Souls series. I was one of those people when I first played Demon’s Souls years ago. I didn’t even beat that one til AFTER I had defeated Dark Souls. The Dark Souls 2 can be hard at times. But learning is part of any game. And with each death you learn what not to do the next time.

I do enjoy the jolly co-op this time too, but if you want to play with friends make sure you keep an eye on your Soul Memory. It is the total number of souls you have collected throughout your playthroughs. It isn’t so much level based anymore if you can co-op/invade someone. It is this Soul Memory that dictates who you can co-op with and who you will be invading. From Software added this to make it so players who haven’t progressed far won’t get overwhelmed by someone who is farther in the game. And if you are still in New Game (NG), people in NG+ or higher won’t be able to coop/invade at all. Another thing I love is the ability to respec this time around. There are items scattered around the game called Soul Vessels that will allow you to change your stats so you will be able to change builds throughout your game til you find the one that suits your play style. (Your level and Soul Memory stay the same.) Be careful though, because the NPC that you have to talk to in order to respec can be killed. You have been warned.

See the sights! Avoid the countless deaths! Run into a wheelchair-ridden NPC over and over!

Enemies move around a lot more it seems too. Sniping at long distances sees the enemies move around making you miss more with arrows. You also have a lot of cool enemies, like knight armoured samurai, creepy spider-like things, basilisks that can petrify you, and huge turtle knights with hammers that will flatten you. There is even a wharf area that has a lot of pirates with a ghost ship you have to go fight a boss in!

I haven’t moved to NG+ yet with my main playthrough. I have beaten the end boss though and have 3 bosses left to take care of before I move on. It doesn’t force a restart after beating the game this time around. You can finish up unexplored areas and get prepared to move on to NG+ and beyond. I may be back with another blog after I see how different NG+ is. I have seen some things and it looks intense.

If you have played Dark Souls 2 (or even if you haven’t) comment below and let me know what you like or what you don’t like. The game has only been out for a little over a month so there is still a lot to explore. I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me.

This was the death counter as of sometime on last Sunday, as you can imagine the number has gone up. A lot.

Be seeing you

[Special thanks to HKHM and Inculcated for supplying some of the screenshots for this blog!]